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The Bioinformatics Core at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center provides a wide range of computational services to support researchers with varying expertise in computing. Our services include standard bioinformatics pipelines such as variant calling, RNA-Seq, and single-cell RNA-Seq, along with custom analysis workflows for novel data types. We specialize in advanced areas like spatial proteomics, AI-driven analysis, and developing tools like web apps and databases. Additionally, we offer data management, high-quality graphic generation for publications, and comprehensive support for grant writing. The core also provides training and consulting in computational methods and stays updated with the latest Bioinformatics advancements.

Technology Day Poster

Please see our poster from Technology Day 2022.    

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Core develops new pipeline for spatial single cell proteomic analysis

Core staff members Caitlin Jones and Mono Pirun and core alumni Zheng Zeng have been…

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Updates from the Bioinformatics Core: Virtual Clinics, Resources, and More

The bioinformatics core continues to be available to assist the research community. We want to…

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